Leading award-winning South Asian eSports Tournament Platform to success.


InGame.asia by InGame eSports stands as the most effective esports tournament platform, specialising in the management of multi-tournament events, esports teams, organisations, and rankings.

Designed for South Asian esports athletes, the platform extends its reach across various esports titles, accommodating both small-scale community tournaments and large-scale national-level championships. Currently, it supports countries such as Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.


March 2020 – June 2020


Sketch / Google Analytics / Notion / Ionic

My Contribution

I got the opportunity on managing single handly each step of the design process for a year and a half.

Timeline:  March 2020 – June 2020.


  • Analyse the existing solution to understand the tournament process from A to Z.
  • Identify users, their needs, and preferences within the current platform.
  • Competitive Analysis (sostronk, faceit)
  • Create user personas and user journeys to map the new application.


  • Brainstorming ideas and concepts
  • Wireframing and low-fidelity prototypes
  • Testing and refining design concepts

High-Fidelity Design

  • Creating a design system and design patterns in Sketch.
  • Creating hi-fidelity designs.

Front-end Implementation

  • Front-end implementation using the Bootstrap 4 framework.
  • UI testing to ensure device friendliness.

Analytics & Data

  • Assessing the success of the design.
  • Gathering user feedback for further refinement.

User Personas

Based on the user research, two key personas were created: Olivia, Administrator of InGame, and Jake, an eSports player. Each persona has its own personal goals, motivations, and frustrations in the experience of the current InGame Tournament process. It was very informative to create an InGame Administrator persona to ensure that I was keeping the administrator needs and pain points in mind for the platform experience.

Olivia Bennett

Administrator InGame

“It’s hard to keep track of duplicate players; sometimes, one player has been allocated to two games simultaneously.”

Olivia has served as the administrator of InGame for the past couple of years, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the tournament process. She particularly excels in managing player registrations, as she directly interacts with players, ensuring effective communication.


  • Ensuring that tournament changes reach all players is challenging for them.
  • Managing player registrations through Excel poses difficulties in overall management.
  • Guaranteeing that players are not allocated to two games simultaneously is a concern in the current process.
  • Keeping track of the latest player details in team tournaments proves to be challenging.

Goals and Ambitions 

  • Seamlessly provide tournament updates.
  • Automate player registration and information management.
  • Simplify the tournament management process and rankings.

Jake Thompson

eSport Player / Potential User

“I want the possibility to update my team’s players’ information without any hassle.”

Jake has consistently ranked among the top players in the InGame community. He actively participates in both single and group tournaments, providing valuable insights into user experiences


  • Lacking a centralized location for tournament information results in missed updates.
  • Manual provision of player details to the administration is a cumbersome process.
  • Team rankings are less transparent.

Goals and Ambitions 

  • Streamlined access to tournament information in one centralized location.
  • The ability to invite players to group tournaments effortlessly.
  • Easy management of players in the group.
  • Keeping track of team rankings effortlessly.

Problem Statement

In my user research, I pinpointed two main problems.

Problem #1 was the reliance on Excel, making it challenging for tournament administrators to track players, manage contact details, and modify team player information or oversee tournament management efficiently, including posting updates and information.

Problem #2 involved players having to engage in manual communication (via email, calls, or WhatsApp) with tournament administrators for registration or modifications. This manual process occasionally resulted in delays or oversights.


The main flow was created with the second user persona, Jake, with the goal of providing seamless tournament registration and optimizing the team management process, along with the following objectives/goals:


Easy Team Addition

Facilitating Efficient Team Creation and Player Management for Tournaments, empowering team leaders with seamless team addition capabilities.


Simplified Member Invitations and Responses

Ensure members receive prompt notifications and have the ability to easily accept or decline invitations, streamlining the process for effortless participation management.


Unified Player Registration for Platform Access

Ensure full participation by requiring every player to have an account on the platform, streamlining the registration process for a cohesive user experience.


Segregated Team Data Management

Organize “Team” data separately to ensure efficient handling and easy accessibility for future use cases and analysis.

Visual Designs

How does a non-eSport player design for an eSport player?

In striving to align Ingrame eSport’s UI with the emotions inherent in esports and maintaining brand fidelity, I dedicated over four days to analyzing a range of eGames, including web-based titles, alongside studying the UI of Xbox and PlayStation games. This comprehensive exploration ensures our UI not only resonates with the competitive gaming culture but also meets the functional requirements of our users, embodying the essence of our brand.

Outcome / Results

Overall, the application helped bridge the gaps between the registration process and communication. Initially planned to accommodate around 1000 users, the platform now boasts over 70,000 registrations and has been active for the last 4 years, providing a seamless experience for players.

Digital Social Impact Awards at the E-Swabhimani 2020. 

Bronze Award at the esteemed Effie Awards Sri Lanka 2023

Bronze and Black Award at Dragons of Asia Awards

Gold at National ICT Awards Sri Lanka 2023